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The RubyHeart Sustainability Program

As a business, we have a voice that reaches thousands of people, so we use this voice to urge people to be aware of some important issues facing our world. We are deeply concerned with the issues of environmental protection, animal welfare, and global poverty, particularly among women and children. The RubyHeart Sustainability Program is The Ruby's commitment to addressing these issues.

Actions We are Taking

The RubyHeart Sustainability Program is an integral part of who we are and we invite our guests to learn about the steps we're taking and share any ideas they may have for us. Below is a list some of these actions, as well as a consolidated version of our Sustainability Policy which outlines the principles of triple bottom line sustainability and a summary of our commitments to these principles. Our complete sustainability policy, which also addresses our baseline measurements and current goals and initiatives, is available upon request.

  • We contribute at least the greater of 3% of our revenues or 10% of profits to organizations supporting environmental protection, animal welfare, and the fight against global poverty
  • We create our famous breakfasts using the best local and organic ingredients available
  • We have joined the CarbonFree™ program by in order to offset over 100% of our carbon emissions and to offer our guests the opportunity to purchase offset certificates for the rest of their trip
  • We offset over 100% of our electrical needs with wind energy through Gunnison County Electric's Green Power Program
  • We organize and promote VolunTourism projects, both locally and abroad, so our guests can actively participate in making a difference
  • We provide complimentary “townie” bikes so our guests can be "Car Free, Carbon Free, and Care Free™"
  • We have been certified at the highest level possible by Green America and GenGreen and are active members of The International Ecotourism Society, 1% for the Planet, and
  • We aggressively reduce, reuse and recycle
  • We compost our food waste, providing a rich, organic compost for our gardens
  • We utilize only 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 80% post-consumer content that is whitened without chemicals that contain chlorine throughout our operations
  • We support and purchase from companies who value sustainability, particularly those among our neighbors and local merchants, and do our best to promote the good work they are doing. Read more...
  • We continue to search for the most sustainable alternatives in our operations and clean our guest rooms with the most ecologically responsible products on the market
  • We provide natural product amenities in all guest rooms (soaps, shampoos, etc) in recyclable bottles
  • We actively measure and work to reduce our carbon emissions on a month to month basis
  • We utilize sustainable products that our guests can easily purchase themselves at home in order to encourage their use

Consolidated Sustainability Policy:

The Ruby of Crested Butte is committed to the highest level of sustainability, incorporating it into every aspect of our operations. Our vision of sustainability embraces the triple bottom line principles of environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic impact. The purpose of this sustainability policy is to help guide long-term strategy, management, and the daily operations and decision making of The Ruby in a sustainable manner.

We recognize the obligation to our guests, employees, community, and all other stakeholders, both of the current and future generations, to operate in a sustainable manner. It is our mission to not only conduct our business responsibly, in terms of our impact on the environment and society, but also to help set the standard. We have taken the formal approach of creating this sustainability policy to ensure that a sustainable business model is identified, monitored, and practiced.

In order to assure ensure continuous improvement and compliance of our sustainability policy and all appropriate legal regulations, a sustainability committee has been established. This committee will meet periodically to review and/or revise this sustainability policy and address the plan of action and its implementation.

This consolidated sustainability policy outlines the principles of triple bottom line sustainability and a summary of our commitments to these principles. Our complete sustainability policy, which also addresses baseline measurements and current goals and initiatives, is available upon request.

Environmental Protection: Biodiversity, global warming and climate change, as well as water quality and scarcity are all problems that have a worldwide scope. We will address our operational impacts on land, air, water, and other organisms. Recycling waste, controlling water usage, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting natural ecosystems are all strategies we will undertake in our environmental impact management.

We are committed to:

  • Responsible Purchasing: Purchase and use recycled, recyclable or refurbished products and materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable, with particular emphasis on renewable energy supplies and environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • An “Integrated” Model: Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision making activities, and encourage the development of environmentally friendly practices throughout our organization.
  • Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle: Reduce waste through re-use and recycling, and promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our facility including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources, particularly those that are non-renewable.
  • Safe Materials and Products: Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutions when feasible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and disposed of.
  • Carbon Reduction: Work with carbon offset organizations, including, to ensure best practices in our Ruby Carbon Reduction Program effort.
  • Contribute: Donate at least 1% of annual revenues, not just net income, to environmental and conservation projects, and allocate at least 1% of annual revenues to capital expenditures which will reduce the environmental impact of our operations and guest stays.

Social Responsibility: Social impacts are those that affect the welfare and interests of society. In particular, we are concerned with impacts regarding health and safety, human rights, animal welfare, and the preservation of local communities' social structures and unique cultural aspects. It is important to The Ruby that we are a leader regarding business socially responsibility. We believe that in the long run, acting in a socially responsible way will benefit both local businesses and the community as a whole.

We are committed to:

  • Leadership: Leadership has a genuine concern for the welfare of the entire “community”.
  • Go Local: Provide our guests with the highest quality products by supporting and adding value to the Crested Butte community through local purchases.
  • A “Volunteer” Model: Provide a fun, safe, educational, purpose-driven, principle-centered, sustainable opportunity to be a compensated volunteer.
  • Responsible Purchasing: Purchase and use socially responsible products, with particular emphasis on those that adhere to our sustainability commitments.
  • Diversity: Proactively promote purchasing from and the development of socially diverse suppliers. Encourage diversity within our own organization and proactively promote diverse employment practices throughout our supply chain.
  • Safety: Promote a safe environment for our guests, employees, community, and supply chain.
  • Human Rights: Treat people with dignity and respect. Support and respect the protection of international human rights within The Ruby’s sphere of influence. Encourage our stakeholders and its supply chain to avoid complicity in human or employment rights abuses.
  • Animal Welfare: Treat animals humanely and respectfully. Support and respect the protection of animal welfare within The Ruby’s sphere of influence. Encourage our stakeholders and its supply chain to avoid complicity in the abuse of animals.
  • Contribute: Donate at least 2% of annual revenues, not just net income, to projects that align with and support our social responsibility commitments.

Economic Impact: The economic impacts of a tourism based business such as The Ruby are usually broken up into three categories: direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts. Direct impacts include monetary transactions from operations during our guest visits. This involves the impact on The Ruby specifically. For example, if more guests stay at The Ruby, then The Ruby will receive a direct monetary benefit. This category also includes any amount paid out for wages, taxes, supplies and services. Indirect impacts are changes in sales, income, or employment within the region of industries that supply products and services to The Ruby and our guests. For example, increased sales by local restaurants resulting from more guest stays at The Ruby are an indirect impact of the increase in Ruby guests. Induced impacts are changes in economic activity resulting from household spending of income earned directly or indirectly from guest stays at The Ruby. For example, employees of The Ruby spend their income in the local region for housing, food, transportation, and other household products and needs. The sales, income, and jobs that result from household spending of increased wages or salary are included in this category. Leakage is another economic impact to be concerned about. It is an entirely negative impact. When The Ruby buys supplies or services from outside the region, the money spent is providing no indirect impact to the local region, and thus that money is leaking out of our local economy. In order to be economically sustainable, The Ruby minimizes our leakage as much as possible.

We are committed to:

  • Be Profitable: “It ain’t sustainable to go broke.” We will find ways that serve our environmental, social, AND economic commitments.
  • Efficiency: Maximize value for our guests by maximizing our resource utilization efficiency.
  • Go Local: Work with local vendors and service providers in order to maximize the impact of indirect economic benefits to the local community and provide our guests with the highest quality products and services.
  • Fair Pay: We will provide fair pay for work and support other businesses in the area that do the same.
  • Contribute: Donate at least 3% of annual revenues, not just net income, to worthwhile projects, as outlined by the contributions commitments above.

For a copy of our complete sustainability policy, which also addresses baseline measurements and current goals and initiatives, please contact us.

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